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Thinoptics - The Story

“Some ideas come to us in a dream and some, like ThinOptics, during a long bike ride. My friend had forgotten his reading glasses. He was frustrated, and asked me to read a text message on his cell phone because he couldn’t see it. During the next twenty miles of riding, I developed the idea of putting reading glasses onto the backs of all cell phones.”

 – Teddy Shalon, Inventor &  Chairman of ThinOptics

It was not the end of the story.
This common experience – borrowing someone’s glasses on a bike ride, for many a forgettable, commonplace experience – lay the groundwork of what eventually became the ThinOptics idea, the creation of thin reading glasses, ultra-light and easily stored – in a side area of a wallet or on a credit card, phone or laptop, keychain, or backpack.  They have the capability of being, literally, Always with you, which is their slogan.
Gadi Ponte, CEO of Thinoptics and an industrial engineer in his education  was a colleague of Teddy’s.  Teddy told him the story and discussed the idea of more accessible, lighter reading glasses. Mr. Ponte agreed of the necessity and was the one who operationalized the idea.  In other words, he knew how to make the idea into reality. He was and remains the inventor/entrepreneur of the
ThinOptics product.  Thinoptics first produc was the Universal Pod – a slim, durable case that elegantly protects your readers while fitting effortlessly on the back of a smartphone (or any hard, flat surface).  Since then, they’ ve grown their product line to include phone cases, keychain cases, credit card sized cases, full frame reading glasses, blue light blocking solutions and sunglasse.


About Tika

TIKA was founded in purpose to import premium products to Israel.
In addition to the quality of our products, our main focus is customer service as well.
The company focuses on making marketing and distribution processes more efficient, in order to give its customers and distributors the maximum.
Our motto is to run our business in the most dignified, decent, and professional way in order to please our customers
TIKA’s vision is to provide the best service possible to all our partners around the world, and to our customers in Israel, while maintaining our credibility and service at the highest possible level.

Thinoptics - The reading glasses that are always with you

Never be without your reading glasses again!
They “stick anywhere…go everywhere” reading glasses!
Thinoptics – So thin, small and lightweight you can put them almost anywhere!
Thinoptics – with multiple storage options including keychains, phone cases, the FlashCard and Pods, ThinOptics are always with you.
As thin as two credit cards and lighter than a nickel!
Flex-grip technology reading glasses, fit everyone! 


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