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Gift Card

30.00 22.50

Want to give your friends and family with the perfect gift?
Want it to be a surprise? Prefer not to ask them unnecessary questions like what strength are their glasses?
We have the perfect solution for you – buy them a Gift Card in an amount convenient for you and they will be able to choose for themselves what they want.
Choose the appropriate amount, and the designed Gift Card will be sent to you or to the recipient of the gift (of your choice) by email.
If there is an “excess” of up to 2 NIS from the voucher, a “round to the good” will be made and donated to the XYZ association
If after the purchase there is a balance of more than 2 NIS, the customer will be sent a new voucher for the amount of the balance.
The voucher can be used to purchase all products on the website.
The voucher is valid until 31.12.2023.

Will they fall off?

Skiing, skydiving and swimming, yes. But under normal reading conditions the highly elastic bridge and grip-sensitive nose pads ensure a snug fit. We designed ThinOptics to stay on securely, even as you move side to side, or look down to eat your salad or finish a crossword puzzle.

Will they break?

Here’s where we get technical. Every ThinOptics Reader is made of shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate. The bridge is made from a shape-memory metal called Nitinol, which is 10x more elastic than spring steel and encased in medical-grade silicone tubing.


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