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Readers + Autumn Gold Universal Pod


Readers + Autumn Gold Universal Pod is part of the Fall Collection, giving you not only style but also the freedom to have clear vision with you at all times; and leaving you unencumbered from brittle reading glasses with bulky cases.


Thinoptics Limited Edition - Fall Collection Readers + Universal Pod

When you combine the world’s thinnest readers with our universal pod case, you have a versatile vision solution that goes anywhere. Adorned with  gorgeous fall-inspired colors. The pod easily attaches to your phone or fits in your pocket, wallet or purse. The thin, lightweight and portable readers elegantly fit inside the durable case, adding a portable and convenient way of carrying readers.

Will they fall off?

Skiing, skydiving and swimming, yes. But under normal reading conditions the highly elastic bridge and grip-sensitive nose pads ensure a snug fit. We designed ThinOptics to stay on securely, even as you move side to side, or look down to eat your salad or finish a crossword puzzle.


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